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SZDF-50 Brass waterproof solenoid valve


SLDF series solenoid valve is a common switch element in automatic control system, and is the core control equipment of music fountain, especially suitable for waterway control of running spring and jumping spring.
SLDF series solenoid valve is a direct-acting solenoid valve that works with medium pressure difference. It adopts diaphragm structure, which has the characteristics of rapid opening and closing, stable performance, convenient use, high reliability and long life; the valve has strong anti-fouling ability. , can be used in rivers, rivers, lakes, seas and various artificial waters for a long time, and its superb performance is at the leading domestic level.


Ambient temperature -10℃~50℃
Work pressure 0~0.6MPa below Φ50, 0.06~0.5MPa above Φ65
Applicable media Water
Medium temperature 0℃~60℃
Power supply Below Φ25 and above 65 AC 220V 28VA、 DC24V 33W  
Φ32/40/50 AC 220V 35VA、 DC24V 40W
Insulation class Class B Protection grade IP67
Permissible fluctuation of power supply -10%~ +10%
The service life of the 200,000 times
Opening and closing speed 0, 2 seconds
Installation The flow direction of the medium is the same as that of the valve. The upper arrow
Specifications Long mm High mm Takeover thread Material
SZDF-15 69 117 1/2" Copper
SZDF-20 73 123.5 3/4"  Copper
SZDF-25 99 134.5 1" Copper
SZDF-35 112 172 1/4" Copper
SZDF-40 123 172 1/2" Copper
SZDF-50 168 209 2" Copper
SZDF-65F 250 260 Flange 4 holes Φ17.5 hole diameter Φ145 hole spacing Cast iron
SZDF-80F 270 275 Flange 4 holes Φ17.5 hole diameter Φ160 hole spacing Cast iron
SZDF-100F 350 310 Flange 4 holes Φ17.5 hole diameter Φ180 hole spacing Cast iron
SZDF-150F 450 405 Flange 4 holes Φ22 hole diameter Φ240 hole spacing Cast iron

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