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2W-40JFS Stainless steel flange solenoid valve


Quick opening and closing, stable performance, convenient use, and high reliability. Wide range of applications and can be used in water, air, and other neutral gases and liquids.
Compact structure, small in size, lightweight, and easy to repair.
Body material stainless steel SUS304, Solenoid Valve Coil heat-resistant grade H, rubber seal has better sealing performance and low-pressure working conditions, a wide range of applications.
PTFE seals are suitable for a variety of working media, and chemical fluids, especially for high temperature and steam, sealing performance is worse than rubber.
Coil protection class IP65, IP67, and explosion-proof, the connection mode has flying wire type, and DIN socket type, for different occasions.
Long service life.


Model 2W160- 15JF 2W200 -20JF 2W250-25JF 2W350-35JF  2W400-40JF 2W500- 50JF
Using the fluid Air, water, oil, gas
Action way Straight moving type
Type Often closed
Flow aperture mm 16 20 25 35 40 50
CV value 4.8 7.6 12 24 29 48
To take over the diameter 1/2" 3/4" 1" 11/4" 11/2" 2"
Use fluid viscosity Below 20 CTS
The pressure used is KGF /cm2 Water: 0-8 Air: 0-8 Oil: 0-5
Working temperature -5~ 80C 
Operating voltage range ±10% AC220V 110V DC24V Other voltages can be customized
Body material SUS304 stainless steel (SUS316 can be customized)
Oil seal material NBR or VITON
Model Long High To take over the thread
2W160-15JF 125 155 Flange 4-hole connection
2W200-20JF 125 155 Flange 4-hole connection
2W250-25JF 135 160 Flange 4-hole connection
2W350-35JF 152 212 Flange 4-hole connection
2W400-40JF 152 215 Flange 4-hole connection
2W500-50JF 200 252 Flange 4-hole connection

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