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Introduction of solenoid valve with sensor

Author: admin / 2022-08-08

Solenoid valve is a kind of valve driven by electromagnetism, which is mainly used in mechanical automation pipeline. The basic principle is to control the flow of water according to the solenoid valve. The application is mainly to open the solenoid valve after charging, and then water. However, there are many pipeline networks in Colleges and universities. This kind of valve is generally installed in student apartments, and the total number is relatively large, so it is impossible to carry out immediate maintenance. According to the sealing property of the sealing ring, the sealing ring of the solenoid valve is very easy to be damaged, so it is very easy to cause leakage. Because of the large number of solenoid valves, there is no way to deal with the leakage in time. In many cases, the water will flow out when it is not opened, resulting in a loss of the power supply company or the University. In addition, when maintaining the pipeline network in the campus, if the students do not know immediately, they still swipe the card, which will result in all normal charges, but no water, leading to disputes. Therefore, one manufacturer clearly proposed a sensor solenoid valve, which can detect whether the valve core is causing leakage.

This kind of solenoid valve with sensor includes valve body, which is equipped with water seepage hole, valve chamber, limit switch ring, outlet hole, first connection hole, pressure relief safety channel, pressure relief chamber, second connection hole, inspection tank, etc. Its characteristics are as follows:

The structure of the solenoid valve with sensor is simple, and it can distinguish whether the pressure is normal according to the working pressure change of the working pressure sensor. The automatic drainage solenoid valve can distinguish whether there is sufficient water in the pipe, and then it can distinguish whether everything is normal. In addition, the solenoid valve can detect whether there is water seepage according to the gas, and then carry out maintenance immediately.