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Pay attention to the selection of solenoid valve model

Author: admin / 2022-08-08

Solenoid valve is controlled by the effect of electromagnetic induction, and the key control method is controlled by automobile relay. In this way, the solenoid valve can cooperate with different power circuits to complete the predictive control, and the control precision and coordination ability can be ensured.

1、 Scope of application

The liquid in the pipeline must be consistent with the substance calibrated in the model and specification of the selected solenoid valve series.

The temperature of the liquid must be lower than the calibration temperature of the selected solenoid valve.

The allowable liquid viscosity of solenoid valve is generally below 20cst, and it shall be marked if it exceeds 20cst.

When working pressure difference and pipeline pressure difference are lower than 0.04MPa, ZS, 2W, ZQDF, ZCM series products and layer by layer direct acting products should be selected; When the low working differential pressure exceeds 0.04MPa, the dominant (differential pressure) solenoid valve can be selected; The high working differential pressure should be lower than the large calibration working pressure of the solenoid valve; General solenoid valve is all unilateral work, so pay attention to whether there is a back pressure difference, if there is a check valve installed.

Liquid cleanliness is not high, should be installed in front of the solenoid valve filter device, the general electromagnetic valve on the provisions of material cleanliness better.

Pay attention to the total flow diameter and docking specifications; Generally, the solenoid valve only has two position control of power switch; The standard allows the installation of bypass pipe, which is conducive to maintenance; When there is water hammer, the opening and closing time of solenoid valve should be adjusted.

Pay attention to the harm of natural environment temperature to solenoid valve

The current and output power consumption of switching power supply should be selected according to the output volume, and the supply voltage of LPG solenoid valve is generally allowed ± 10%, be sure to pay attention to the high VA value when communication starts.

2、 Stability

Solenoid valve is divided into normally closed and open and close two; Normally closed type, plug-in on, power off, power off; However, when the opening time is long and the closing time is short, the opening and closing type should be selected.

Life test, the processing plant generally belongs to the type inspection of new items, to be exact, there is no technical specification of solenoid valve in our country, so the selection of solenoid valve manufacturers should be cautious.